Taking a newborn’s photograph requires a lot of patience, care and love. These are focus point that we possess during each session with your newborn. To make the photoshoot unique to you, ET photography will provide props, such as angel wings, bunny ears, baskets, buckets, furry pillows etc., to complement your theme whilst capturing your baby’s first moments.


ET Photography recommends you book your newborn session within 14 days of your child’s birth; this will make it a little easier to settle and put them to sleep, making the experience even smoother.


We know that you would ideally like to have the photos taken in the comfort of your home so we will make sure to adhere to your needs. We also recommend booking this session whilst you are still pregnant, that way we can ensure your booking is arranged according to the date of your child’s birth. Don’t worry we will give you one-week leeway in case your birth is a bit early or late.

If you would like to book a 3 months - 1 year photo session please contact us directly to arrange this package deal.

​Disclaimer – The photoshoot for newborns will be during the day between (9am – 12pm)

Get in touch at info@etphotography.co.uk for more information.