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Esther Togun is a London based renowned photographer with a years’ experience in shooting functional events such as weddings and birthday celebrations, but has now venture into photography of new-born and family. Her career started in 2008, whilst studies Media at Bacon’s sixth form college and was taught how to use a camera, techniques on capturing memorable moment as well as editing videos and images. This sparked her curiosity for a career in photography.

Esther’s passion to go into new-born and family photography stemmed from the moment she found out that she will become an aunty for the first time. “My close friends were welcoming their first child and it was one of the happiest times of their lives. All I wanted to do was to capture the precious moments for them”.

Watching family and friends go through pregnancy and birth with each having a unique story to tell helped her grow an interest into the difference photography would make in the new family’s lives.

Esther has worked with families all over the UK from different nationalities and is known for capturing stories in black and white and colour respectably.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Middlesex University, helping her to have a business mind set to venture out and start her own business.  Esther resides in Borough, London.


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